Do you see a weed? Or a wish?


Your life, your career, your creativity, are all about attitude and perspective.  Do you see a problem, or a possibility?  Everyone needs a little help sometimes seeing the opportunities that present themselves.  As Roger Miller said, “Some people feel the rain; others just get wet.”  Change your perspective and your whole life changes.

KC Peek is a certified Global Career Development Facilitator, Hogan Certified Coach and creativity coach.  If you’d like to generate change in your life and your career, KC can help.

Like a dandelion, you can be tenacious and make your wishes come true.

About KC

Katrina Peek-436Since 2012, KC has been changing the lives of her clients, from career development to creative expression.  Her approach to coaching breaks down seemingly impossible dilemmas into manageable goals and empowers her clients to reach those goals.

At Iowa State University, KC earned bachelor’s degrees in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Studies.  Although she loved the creativity of her work in an architecture and engineering firm, she realized that her true calling was teaching, coaching, and mentoring.  She began working with individuals with significant barriers to prepare them for their careers.  Although her client base has expanded to include every demographic, she still works with each client’s personal challenges with the same diligence and care.  In 2019, she received her Master of Professional Communication from Weber State University.

KC has also spent a great deal of time developing her personal and professional skills in creativity.  The art classes she took in college have been supplemented by many hundreds of hours of drawing, painting, mixed media, graphic design, writing prose and poetry, fiber work, and creative problem-solving.  She also develops original recipes and loves to sing and dance.  In addition to her creativity coaching, KC facilitates painting and art therapy groups.

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As a Hogan Certified Coach and Global Career Development Facilitator, KC is certified to coach individuals in finding and keeping a job and in advancing their career.  In order to find your ideal position, for a company you want to work for, KC can help you with choosing the right career, writing a stellar resume, and learning to interview with confidence.  KC can also assist you with problem-solving difficult situations in the workplace, work with you on developing communication skills, and teach you other soft skills essential to moving upward.

In her capacity as a Creativity Coach, KC has helped individuals and groups expand their artistic creativity and creative problem-solving skills.  KC’s clients learn techniques for boosting creativity, living holistically, and breaking through blocks.  She also teaches the creative problem-solving process found in her book, Finding the Solution.  This step by step guide explains why problem-solving is such a crucial skill in the world today and how you can develop your own abilities.

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Assessments are an efficient way of learning more about ourselves. Although no assessment can define who you are as a person, they do offer insights into our behaviors. KC is experienced with several different assessments including the MBTI, DISC, CliftonStrengths, and Hogan Assessments. She will use one or more of these to address situations as they arise in your coaching sessions.