Finding the Solution


Finding the Solution: Developing your Innovative Problem Solving Skills

This step by step guide to a creative problem-solving process is your key to finding the right job or advancing in your current position.  Research shows that creative employees are a must have for businesses that wish to be successful. Creative problem solving is a skill employers will be looking for on your resume. Will it be there? Finding the Solution is an easy way to learn to boost your innovative problem-solving skills.


Excerpt from Finding the Solution:
“How do people ‘come up with’ their innovative solutions? Some of the best ideas come from outwardly mysterious ‘leaps in logic.’ The person who comes up with the concept is perceived to be a genius for making connections between apparently unrelated ideas. In reality, if you could be inside the person’s head, you will be able to follow a path that connects these subjects. The path, from your point of view, may be long with many twists and turns, but it will be there. Considered by many to be the father of modern physics, Albert Einstein dismissed the idea of a sudden, single eureka moment, saying instead he was led to the idea of special relativity ‘by steps arising from the individual laws derived from experience.'”

Finding the Solution is currently in the editing stage of development and will be available soon.